The 2024 Concert Season is about to begin! Please join our mailing list for announcements!

The 2024 Concert Season is about to begin! Please join our mailing list for announcements!

Concert Alert #3! Classic Albums Live performs Fleetwood Mac – Rumours on 8/6

Don’t wait to purchase tickets for our 3rd show of the Concerts in the Clouds Series! It may be cold in the Lakes Region now, but it won’t be for long. Buy your seats before tourist season!

On August 6th, Classic Albums Live will present Fleetwood Mac – Rumours. Our CAL show last summer was absolutely brilliant as this group put the audience under a spell with their rendition of the Eagles – Hotel California. This group truly transports you back to the legendary performances of the most famous Hall of Fame musicians.

Classic Albums Live founder Craig Martin writes about his Fleetwood Mac offering: “there’s nuance and layering and thunder and the guitars are orchestral. Plus the vibe of the album – the feel that’s hard to re-create. I wanted the band to move into an apartment together, to prepare for this album, but that didn’t fly, so we rehearsed our asses off and we got it. What’s cool about this record is that everyone knows all the words, even the ushers at the shows. So when CAL hits the stage and plays this masterpiece, it is joyous – we love you when we’re playing”

Great Waters Executive Director Doug Kiley remembers in 1998 when Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Perhaps on the Mt. Rushmore of Classic Rock, few can say they have not been impacted by the rhythms and melodies of Fleetwood Mac and the ultra classic album Rumours.

Call the Great Waters office soon and ask about the four tiers of seating options at our venue at Castle in the Clouds. Office: 603-569-7710. Or email at

Now more than ever – live music offers you a one of kind experience you can only get at a Great Waters show. Fresh air, sunshine, mountain views and Lake Winnipesaukee in the distance greet you when you arrive for a Concert in the Clouds. Enjoy a refreshing beverage before experiencing a brilliant performance with the best sound and light anywhere. The music will put you under a spell as the sun gives way to starry skies and a cool summer night.